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Family Law in Israel

Family Law in Israel is a unique bilingual website, written in both English and Hebrew, by practising lawyers. A comprehensive and user-friendly guide to Israeli family law, it contains thousands of items based on real cases and questions we are frequently asked during our work as lawyers dealing exclusively in this field. It also contains a selection of legal columns we have written for newspapers, and judgments in cases we have handled.

Founded in 1989, our multilingual practice works exclusively in family law and specializes in cases with an international dimension. Our lawyers speak Hebrew , English and French at mother tongue level. We believe that good communication between lawyer /attorney and client  is essential to effective representation in international family law disputes. A significant proportion of our clients are non-Israeli and live overseas.
We hope you find our website  useful and easy to use. Please note, however, that the information provided on it is not a substitute for personal legal counselling which is available upon payment.

We welcome feedback via the Contact Us link and hope you will visit us again – here or at one of our other websites,which include  a 'Q & A' forum.

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