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Divorce - Mixed Marriages - Moslem & Christian

This section deals with how a Moslem and a Christian can end their marriage under Israeli civil law, even if one of them is abroad. 

Christian Wife Finishes Marriage To Moslem


I am a Christian woman from Europe. I met and married a fellow student in the States, a Moslem man from a village in the north, in a civil ceremony. We moved to his village when we finished our studies. My husband has recently returned to the states. I am supposed to follow him but am unhappy. I want a divorce. Do I have to go to the States to divorce him, or can I stay in Israel and proceed with the divorce from here ?


No, you do not have to fly to the States to divorce him. As long as you are a resident of Israel you can apply for the dissolution of your marriage, even if you married abroad and your husband is overseas now. He can receive the divorce papers abroad. Jurisdiction In The Matters of Dissolution of Marriage (Special Cases & International Jurisdiction ) Law of 1969 , which was streamlined in 2005, governs the procedure. The whole process will be much easier if your husband agrees to divorce as mutual consent is a ground for divorce under Israeli law. If your husband does not agree, you will need to prove you have grounds for divorce according to the laws of marriage and divorce where you got married.