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Divorce - Mixed Marriages - Jew & Moslem

This section deals with the process of civil divorce between Jews and Moslems, under Israeli law.

Jewish Husband & Moslem Wife – Divorce


My wife and I are both Israeli, but I am Jewish and she is Moslem. We married in a civil ceremony in Cyprus. Can we divorce in Israeli and if so, how ?


Yes, you can divorce in Israel, via the Dissolution of Marriage process at the family court.
The legal opinion of both religious courts involved – Sha'ari and Rabbinical one – will be requested, but ultimately a decision will be made granting jurisdiction to the family court.
If you both agree to divorce, then the process will be relatively simple, as mutual consent is a sufficient ground for dissolving the marriage under Israeli law . If one of you objects, then the other will have to prove grounds under the laws of marriage and divorce in Cyprus, by way of an expert legal opinion.