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About Us

Founded in 1989, our multilingual practice works exclusively in family law and specializes in cases with an international dimension. Our lawyers speak Hebrew , English and French at mother tongue level . We believe that good communication between lawyer and client  is essential to effective representation in international family law disputes. A significant proportion of our clients are non-Israeli and  live overseas .  

Legal Practice Areas and Activities

We offer individual legal counselling and negotiation, in English or Hebrew, and litigation /representation before all the relevant civil courts in Israel - Family Court, District court, Supreme Court and Supreme Court of Justice . We also represent clients before religious courts e.g. Rabbinical Court and Greater Rabbinical court. Attorney Amihoud Borochov, who has over 30 years' experience in Israeli family law, is our chief litigator/advocate.
Our practice has an international slant,and prepares legal opinions on all aspects of Israeli family law for  legal proceedings in foreign courts, including testimony in Hague Convention child abduction cases . Louise Elizabeth Borochov, who is British-born and educated, heads our international desk.
The issues we deal with are:
Child Custody/Visitation Rights:
Filing of pleas /defence in cases for child custody /visitation rights ; case management.
International Child Abduction/Relocation of Minors:
Filing of pleas for return of abducted children (including Hague Convention cases) / defence of child abduction proceedings. Pleas for relocation of minors/defence in relocation proceedings ; case management.
Civil Marriage/Acquiring Citizenship :
Management and administrative back-up of civil marriage arrangements abroad. Representation before Ministry of Interior in Israel concerning registration of marriage, and acquiring citizenship.
Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage :
Filing of divorce pleas and defence pleadings at Rabbinical Court ; Pleas for Dissolution of Marriage (civil divorce) and defence of these proceedings; management of divorce and dissolution of marriage cases.
Filing of all maintenance pleas in family context, including women's and children's; defence of husbands/fathers sued for maintenance; filing /defence of pleas for the increase or reduction of maintenance payments.
Pleas to divide property ownership / protect property rights/balance resources; Pleas for declaratory judgments concerning rights; temporary orders.
Pre-nuptial agreements; divorce/dissolution of marriage/separation/marital reconciliation agreements; property relations agreements between married couples; agreements between cohabiting couples; family life agreements; child custody/visitation rights agreements; maintenance agreements.
Drafting of wills in English or Hebrew; applications for probate/orders to distribute estate; representation in inheritance cases including opposition to applications for inheritance orders/probate.
Violence Within Family:
Filing for protection orders/injunctions and defence against them relating to physical and verbal violence within the family and stalking . Representation in associated criminal proceedings between family members .
Parenthood/Guardianship :
Legal representation/litigation concerning : * single parents * paternity * unmarried couples *adoption .
Appeals & Petitions:
Appeals to District Court , Supreme Court & Greater Rabbinical Court. Petitions before the Supreme Court of Justice.

Staff Profiles


Adv. Amihoud Borochov - Practice Head
Born in Israel, 1952.Graduated from Tel Aviv University, Israel, (L.L.B), admitted to Israel Bar 1989. Languages: Hebrew & English.
Adv. Louise Elizabeth Borochov
Born U.K, 1957. Graduated from Durham University, England, B.A. Joint Hons. ( Law & Politics ), Bournemouth University, England, (C.P.E. in Law), admitted to Israel Bar 2000. Languages: English & Hebrew.
Adv. Diana Shaltiel
Graduated Bar Ilan University, Israel, (L.L.B & M.A. English Literature), admitted to Israel Bar 2002. Languages: Hebrew, English & French.
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Chief Editor: Adv. Louise Elizabeth Borochov