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Child Abduction & 'Non-Hague' Country

This section deals with the issue of child abduction between Israel and countries where the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction does not apply e.g. India or Russia (for abductions prior to 1.3.2012, the date when the Convention came into force between Israel and Russia). Where a parent suspects that their minor child/ren might be abducted to a non-Hague country, or a Hague country where the convention is not in force vis a vis Israel , especially if that is actually  'home' for the other parent, he/he should be especially vigilant to prevent abduction, if the latter expresses a desire to visit or holiday there, with them.

An ex-parte  court order can be obtained to prevent the child being taken out of Israel, if necessary,if an impending abduction is suspected.It can be lifted ,at the request of the parent wishing to travel with the minor, to allow the requested visit,subject to financial guarantees regarding the child's return,being set by the court, as a condition to permission being granted. If the court is not satisfied that the child will be returned,it can refuse to lift the order.