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Other Topics- Jewish Law - 'Agunot' & Widows

This section deals with women:

  1. Who are 'stuck' in a marriage and cannot remarry even if they wish:'Agunot' or 'Quasi-Agunot' , whose husbands refuse to co-operate  and divorce, or who disobey divorce judgment obliging them to give a 'get' , or who have been abandoned by their husbands, who may even have gone abroad and cannot be traced or will not co-operate.
  2. Childless widows who have to undergo a 'Halitza' ceremony so as to be free to marry someone other than their late husband's brother.

See also Divorce – Jewish Couples – 'Women's Tactics' and 'Enforcing Jewish Divorce' for women who are 'stuck' in a marriage and cannot remarry.